A Book of Witches

A Book of Witches is an anthology, originally published in 1966, of twelve fairy tales that have been collected and retold by Ruth Manning-Sanders. The book is illustrated by Robin Jacques. There are good witches and bad witches in the stories. Unfortunately the number of the bad witches is great, and the number of the good witches is very small in this book at least. In all the stories in this book, you will only find one mention of a good witch, and that is at the beginning of the Norwegian tale of Tatterhood. And you will see that had the queen done exactly what this good little witch bade her, there would be no more story to tell, but she does not and thus the story continues.

Author: Ruth Manning-Sanders
Illustrations by Robin Jacques

I’m so happy to finally have found this book from my childhood! So many stories that are so fun to read. The book was shipped quickly and in great shape! Thanks so much! I couldn’t be happier!

John A