A New Fairytale

MAB Media is gearing up for the holiday season. So before we launch into full-blown event mode we wanted to explain the background of A BOOK OF MERMAIDS and how it came to be our first book.

And of course it starts with once upon a time…

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I discovered A Book of Mermaids by Ruth Manning-Sanders. During a long, hot summer, I read and re-read the stories until my mother and the public library insisted that I return the book. I was distraught because no matter how many bookstores I searched, I never found the book again.

Forty years later, I DID find the book. This time, not in a library, but in a hot warehouse full of old, used books.

I reread the book and fell in love again with the witty, crafty and of course magical mermaids. And in-between work, family and laundry, I spread the word about this wonderful book. After all, who doesn’t love mermaids? Unfortunately, the book was out of print and a used copy (if you could locate one) averaged between $200-350.

With this enchanting and beloved book in mind, I started an indie publishing company, MAB Media. To my joy and delight, A Book of Mermaids by Ruth Manning-Sanders is MAB Media’s very first release.

Ruth Manning-Sanders was a fascinating person, not just because of her writing ability, but also for her way of life. She was a feminist before feminist was even a word. She was prolific as few authors are (more than ninety books to her credit). Her fairy tales, both original and adapted, reflected a wide range of characters, both human and non-human, of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds.

In A Book of Mermaids Manning-Sanders introduces the readers to sixteen stories of mermaids and their fantastical adventures. Within my wide collection of fairy tales and folk tales, these are by far my favorites.

And we all lived, happily ever after…

ABOM_book cover_v1.0

A BOOK OF MERMAIDS by Ruth Manning-Sanders


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