Frames of Reference

While I was out on my run today I listened to the podcast Invisibilia.

The latest episode was all about Frames of Reference and how they effect our happiness and our view of the world.

For example – I saw a beautiful wishing well.

Wishing Well, Ile d’Oleron, France

The truth is that many people on the island don’t think of these old wells as pretty or charming. They  don’t call them “wishing” wells. Most of them are covered in concrete, unused and more than likely unwanted. The well above for example was located in the parking area of the small village (see the wheel of the car on the left?).

Back to Frames of Reference – one could look at this well as an obstacle to a good parking place or a wishing well that contains generations of wishes, hopes and dreams. It all depends on how you frame it.

What Frame of Reference do you use in your life?  Do you choose to see the lack of a parking space or the romance of an ancient wishing well?

xo MAB

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